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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Canine hydrotherapy works due to the properties of water, specifically its:

Buoyancy – water reduces the pressure on your dog’s joints, bones and muscles, allowing your pooch to exercise more easily than they could on land.

Viscosity – water is resistant to movement, so while your dog benefits from the buoyancy of water, this resistance also helps them to strengthen their muscles and improve their fitness.

Hydrostatic pressure – the pressure of water against your dog’s body supports their joints and muscles, helps increase their range of movement and can improve circulation.

Typically, canine hydrotherapy takes place in warm water that’s between 28-32 degrees, which is the optimum temperature to help soothe stiff joints and encourage relaxation.



Using the water treadmill puts minimum stress on your dogs legs and joints and can help your dog by 


Improving their general well being

Provides rehabilitation following an injury

Improving muscle tone. fitness and conditioning

Gait retraining & posture

- reducing the weight bearing up to 62 %

Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness

Increased motion in joint



The conditions that can be helped –


Hip or Elbow dysplasia

Cruciate ligament injury


Poor mobility in older dogs

Weight loss

Patella luxation

Muscle strains

Neurological or spinal conditions


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